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Kick Boxing Gyms in Grand Rapids, MI

If your ordinary workout session is beginning to feel a bit too routine, consider kickboxing as an exciting and results-driven alternative. More than just a combat sport, kickboxing is a full body workout which combines a variety of fighting styles and techniques, conditioning drills, and resistance training to give you a well-rounded and complete cardiovascular workout.

Some of the benefits of kickboxing include:

  • Improved balance

  • Increased stamina and endurance

  • More flexible and agile

  • Confident and strong

  • Stress reduction, increased levels of serotonin

  • Hand-eye coordination

While it’s true kickboxing classes are rigorous and often very challenging, CKO Kickboxing has developed a format geared toward a variety of age groups and skill sets. Whether you’re a seasoned kickboxer or just interested in going at a beginner-level pace, CKO Kickboxing classes allow each participant to take it at their own speed, make modifications based on their fitness level, and push limits when they’re ready to increase intensity.

Our experienced, certified instructors will help you develop those kicks and punches while ensuring that you remain safe and continually improving. Our studio is spacious and well-maintained so everyone has plenty of room to maneuver. In addition, classes are never crowded or overbooked.

We individualize our instruction to your personal level, which over the course of time training, evolves and improves. This is how real and sustained results are achieved! Enjoy yourself and work out at the right pace. You’ll leave feeling exhilarated, positive, and energized.

Burn calories while developing upper body strength. Discover kickboxing. Call us today!


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