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Group Fitness in Grand Rapids, MI

Participating in a group fitness class is an excellent way to get into and stay in shape. When you visit CKO Grand Rapids, our trainers and members will provide the motivation and high energy you'll need to stay focused on your goals. We often hear how the classes fly by, thanks to the high energy the environment provides, expert trainers, and a variety of musical genres.

We've designed our classes so that our studio members will look forward to their next exercise session. Our program provides an incredibly well-rounded workout. You'll have the chance to burn calories while having fun with other like-minded individuals. Because we use real hanging heavy bags, you'll experience the benefits of resistance and bone density-building training. Our programs offer the following:

  • Combine strength, cardio, agility, and flexibility training

  • Allow you to burn up to 1,200 calories in one session

  • Constantly stay fresh, not repetitive or boring

CKO Grand Rapids has affordable group fitness classes perfect for your budget and your weight loss or stress reduction goals. Our community atmosphere is designed to keep you on track and sharpen mental acuity. To learn more about our programs, call and speak with one of our helpful team members.
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